Greatwide Truckload Management 
Greatwide Truckload Management™ provides freight distribution services in North America for such clients as Wal-Mart, Ford Motor, GM, and Dow.Operating under three names - Greatwide Dallas Mavis, Greatwide American Trans Freight and Greatwide Cheetah Transportation - all offices are linked by senior management and technology to work seamlessly as one force in the one-way truckload business.
We offer system truck capability in an Owner-Operator environment to make variable cost possible. So we can offer additional capacity and even network backhauls without brokered freight. We can broker freight to more than 8,000 rigorously approved carriers, and each shipment is continually monitored by central dispatch, from the time it's tendered until the time it's delivered.
Greatwide Truckload Management handles any commodity and any kind of fabricated product, as well as boats, conveyors and cranes. We offer an array of specialized equipment selected to make sure your shipments - whatever size, whatever type - travel across country, coast-to-coast, on-time and with maximum safety.
We can offer turnkey transportation solutions because of our quality service and understanding of customer marketing needs. Guided by a senior management team with over 100 years of experience managing trucking operations, our drivers are nationally recognized to be the best in the industry. Terminal managers, and even senior executive management, are on-call 24 hours a day to make sure shipments are picked up and delivered at precisely the appointed time. 

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