Managed Transportation Services 

A quantum leap in transportation management

Greatwide Managed Transportation Services™ help improve business intelligence through end-to-end visibility. From procurement and planning to execution and settlement, we have the industry’s best people, processes and technologies to get the job done right. We’ve extended our capabilities to provide exceptional, real-time event and exception management. As a stand-alone or shared fleet solution, you’ll have low cost, high service options at a variable rate.

 A 40,000-foot view of your supply chain

 We have centralized our technologies across all Greatwide networks, allowing us to automate and streamline processes. We chose an application that’s used by customers and providers alike, so optimizing routes in real time is easier than ever. Having one consistent system lets you see how your transportation dollars are being spent. You can use this insight to benchmark your transportation strategy against the broader market — and gain a greater return on investment. MTS 


Doing the right thing for you

The secret to our success is the Transportation Operation Center (TOC). It’s the heartbeat of our operation, and we’ve created a culture that’s committed to doing the right thing for the customer. Here our 3PL transportation solutions are blended across Greatwide’s networks. All MTS functions are controlled by Greatwide: procurement, planning, execution and distribution. No other transportation company has a single, comprehensive view of your supply chain. Greatwide and our TOC also take on back-office functions such as billing, settlements and accounts receivable, so you can focus your attention on more important things, like exceeding your boss’s expectations.



Value that exceeds expectations

Backed by 5,000 trucks, a refrigerated fleet and top carrier managers, we have the capability to transport freight of any kind.


 MTS Capability Benefit to You
Routing guide compliance Ensure the right carrier is handling each load day-to-day, eliminate rogue buying
Shipment optimization Consolidate smaller shipments into larger cost-effective shipments
Service improvement Improve on-time pickup and delivery through smart alerts, reduce expediting costs
Exception management Efficiently cover even the most challenging freight
Error avoidance Eliminate carrier payment errors
Administrative efficiency Automate bill of lading creation, reduce phone and fax usage for shipment tenders, status checking, expediting