Managed Transportation Services Value Pillars
Managed Transportation Services 

 Nobody does Managed Transportation Services like we do

 We approach our Greatwide Managed Transportation Services™ (MTS) like no other logistics company on the road today. We provide more than just a 3PL solution — we add value at every point of your supply chain. Our four pillars, Measurement, Capability, Transportation Savings and Greatwide Resources uphold the integrity and effectiveness of our MTS solutions. Click on each tab to learn more.





The value of Measurement 

Greatwide provides complete visibility to cost, so you can measure the success of your Greatwide Managed Transportation Services™. We help you determine how your transportation solutions are performing today and benchmark them against best-in-class standards. The better the information you have, the more optimized your operations can become.

At Greatwide we:



  • Use historical data to establish a baseline for future assessments.
  • Measure costs by location, mode, vendor, product type and/or department.
  • Create a foundation for making future transportation decisions.
  • Show you where to optimize operations and save money.

The value of Capability

With Greatwide you’re capable of reviewing critical transportation functions with a single view of operating data — enabling you to make decisions that are more accurate and efficient. Plus, our technology-enabled visibility gives us the capability to secure lower costs and high-quality service through best-in-class procurement and load execution processes.

At Greatwide we:



  • Expedite procurement processes with annual and mini bids.
  • Automate processes to improve back-office service and productivity.
  • Provide single-point service measurement and carrier management.
  • Enhance company logistics strategy through consolidated management at our Transportation Operation Center.
  • Ensure cost containment and plan compliance.
  • Let you take advantage of the unique market with cost-saving, backhaul opportunities.
  • Reposition your carrier management strategy and related contracts within weeks — not months or years.

The value of Transportation Savings

Greatwide Managed Transportation Services™ find the best carriers and mode to optimize service and cost. Period. We encourage robust and healthy competition among carriers during the procurement process to ensure lower rates. In fact, most customers experience double-digit savings.

At Greatwide we:



  • Choose the least expensive mode choice based on service requirements, hundredweight and shipment weight and dimensions.
  • Source new routes, new carriers and new modes quickly.
  • Recommend flow through warehousing to facilitate zone-skip.
  • Compare available options instantaneously.

The value of Greatwide Resources

Greatwide provides turnkey, 3PL transportation solutions. Combine our dedicated contract carriage, freight brokerage and warehousing services to optimize your transportation strategy and bottom line. You’ll get low cost per mile and high service options at a variable rate. Plus, our cutting-edge technology searches thousands of carriers by pricing history and performance. Let Greatwide be your competitive advantage.


At Greatwide we:



  • Manage over $5 billion in transportation expenses.
  • Operate more than 4,000 trucks and have access to 20,000 qualified carriers.
  • Support our customers with 24/7/365 national dispatch operations.
  • Pull from our extensive food and refrigerated experience.
  • Take proactive steps to continuously improve our services and save you money.