Dedicated Contract Carriage 
Our costs match your needs

Greatwide has long been a leader in the transportation industry whose extensive experience in the food and beverage industry has enabled us to become the largest dedicated refrigerated provider in the United States. Recently, Cardinal Logistics Management and Greatwide Logistics Services merged to create one of the largest, most diverse dedicated fleets in the country. The combination of Cardinal’s customized transportation solutions using specialized equipment and handling, and integrated technology, with Greatwide’s expertise in large fleet dedicated operations enables more creative and effective solutions for our customers. 


Our fleet is comprised of an optimized combination of company drivers and owner-operators with equipment specializing in a variety of industries — including refrigerated and industrial dedicated flatbed offerings. So what does this all mean for you?


  • Complete flexibility
    We can immediately respond to your short-term (especially during peak surges) as well as long-term transportation needs without forcing you to commit to additional costs — whether loads are there or not.
  • Award-winning performance
    We work hard to reduce empty miles with plenty of backhaul opportunities.
  • Future growth
    We can help increase your company’s market presence without a significant investment in infrastructure.

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