Greatwide Case Study 

Greatwide Managed Transportation ServicesTM

 As a leading provider of private label seasonings and spices, this Greatwide customer manufactures their own dry ground spice mixes, flour (bread and biscuit) mixes, as well as wet and dry gravy mixes.

For over 50 years, this company has worked with many national, regional and local customers in a variety of industries.








When Greatwide started working with this customer 14 years ago, the seasoning company had no professional traffic department. The company had two goals in mind:

1. Lower overall transportation costs.
2. Increase
the customer's ability to gain information and reporting on their transportation costs.



To fulfill the customer's goals, we provide a complete Greatwide Managed Transportation Services™ solution:

  • Hold procurement events to get the best carrier rates and to ensure all loads are transported in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. 
  • Measure and report each load to give complete cost visibility to the customer, so they can track how their transportation dollars are being spent.
  • Manage the customer's vendors to coordinate shipping and delivery dates.

Greatwide also manages the customer's purchasing, which is unique for a 3PL provider. Yet it’s just another example of Greatwide’s exceptional capabilities.




The customer has seen a 21% reduction in transportation costs. Service levels are now between 98% and 99.1% on time — drastically reducing expedite charges each month.

Since transportation costs are lower, the customer is able to pass those savings directly on to their customers, which also results in a net gain for the company.

Greatwide continues to provide the customer with a complete transportation solution and expert logistics professionals, so they can focus on managing their spice business.