About Us 

Our mission

Greatwide is dedicated to developing long-term relationships with customers, employees and capacity providers. People are our primary assets.

We will:

  • Respect and support the success of our capacity providers
  • Recruit, develop, motivate and retain the best professionals
  • Provide our people with the leadership and resources necessary
  • Deliver exceptional levels of return on investment to our shareholders

Our values

   Work safe
Think and act safely at all times!
Deliver as promised and foster an environment of trust and cooperation.
   Customer focus
Understand and develop relationships to anticipate and satisfy needs.
Leverage each others’ strengths to create value.
Strive for continuous improvement in everything we do.
   Personal conduct
Act with the highest level of ethics and integrity in all interactions.
   Social responsibility
Give back to our communities and help those less fortunate.
   Human resources
 Develop employees and provide opportunities for career advancement.
   Create investor value
Provide a return on investment that exceeds industry standards.
 Provide an environment of open and honest communications. 

Quick Facts

  • 5,000 trucks
  • 442 million miles driven in 2011
  • 3.3 million square feet of warehouse space
  • One of the most expansive networks of carriers in the industry 
  • 7,388,000 operational hours a year
  • Fewer than 3.1 collisions per million miles
  • 99.71% level of service
  • 6 out of the top 10 grocery retailers and wholesalers use Greatwide